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HRO & Start-up Success

India’s tryst with the start-up universe began in 1998 when the Sabeer Bhatia-led Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft for an estimated $400 million. Since then, we have seen a number of instances of Indian start-ups becoming global giants, especially in the field of IT/Technology.

Navigating the Crossroads

Visualize this: A global corporation gets taken over by another. In the midst of this, an HR leader with an experience of over two decades is left stranded and is asked to look out. With a modest severance pay, which is even lower than legally acceptable criteria for Workmen.

Why Purpose-Driven Employers Succeed

Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail. Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive. Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas.

Redefining HR

HR has been traditionally seen as a support function and cost centre, which still holds true in many organizations, rather than a strategic Business Enablement function. The immediate Covid situation magnifies each function based on their value proposition in the current.

HR Vs. The Pandemic – Bringing Your Best Game

The influence that Human Resource Professionals exert on the welfare and livelihood of the entire workforce is overarching, especially during such trying times. Emerging as one of the toughest economic scenarios that the world has been witness to since World War II, the COVID-19 virus.