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Valuation through HR Value
HR is frequently associated with large corporations and businesses. It’s the opposite of the truth. HR is critical for corporations, small businesses, and start-ups alike.
In fact, when a company needs to expand, having the right people and best practices in place is critical.
Talent retention, leadership development, creating a work culture that attracts new hires, and branding one’s workplace for attracting new talents are common issues faced by smaller firms.

Strategic Workout

Shaping strategic organizational priorities

Across industries, the combination of changing demographics, emerging technologies, and enhanced connectivity is resulting in intriguing strategic organizational opportunities requiring remote, agile, and flexible teams and environments that are both engaging and purposeful.

Vision, Mission, Values Design

Ensuring right alignment with strategy

The company’s anticipated future positioning is described in a vision statement. A mission statement describes what the company does, its objectives, and how it intends to achieve them. Combining components of mission and vision statements can result in a statement of the company’s aspirations, goals, and values.

HR Process & Policy Design

Ensuring right frameworks and compliance

HR Diagnostics

The HR department must devote more time to managing, developing, and retaining top talent than administrative tasks. As a result, it’s even more necessary to consider the current situation of your HR function.

HR Process & Policy Design

Many small businesses underestimate the value of building their HR practices because they regard it as nothing more than a way to comply with the law without going above and beyond. On the other hand, HR policies are more than just a tool to comply with the law and shield businesses from lawsuits; they also give a framework for how to manage a company’s employees.

Interim HR Leadership

Providing on-demand specialist strategic guidance

The HR function has progressed well beyond its conventional role. HR teams make a significant strategic contribution to successful firms when the right leader leads them. Interim HR Leaders can have a considerable impact, particularly during times of upheaval or change. People’s concerns can hamper a company’s transition and success.

HR Function Outsourcing

Managing complete HR systems and processes

After reviewing their business processes, many companies have decided to outsource some or all non-core activities to specialized partners. HR plays a vital part in many small companies and start-ups; therefore, they consider it a worthwhile idea to hire experts like ErgoTalent to set up suitable HR systems and processes.

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