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Often enough, HR is synonymous with big enterprises and corporates. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. HR is essential for corporates, MSME’s and Start-ups alike. As a matter of fact, when the business needs to grow, it is essential to have the right people and the best practises in place for them. Some of the common challenges faced by the smaller organizations are talent retention, developing leadership, creating a work culture which attracts new hires and branding one’s workplace for attracting new talents.

We Provide End-to-End Solutions Which Include

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Strategic Workout

It is essential for a business to connect all the dots in its mission. We provide that fine tuning by understanding the implementation gaps by addressing each touch point which need to be taken care of. It can involve:

  • Strategic Direction Alignment
  • Balanced Scorecard Creation

We take a holistic approach towards perfecting workplaces, irrespective of the size of the organization.

Vision, Mission, Values Design

The company vision often influences the company culture and expectations, thereby giving direction for employees. While the vision is future-focused, the mission combines forward thinking with present goals. It may be modified over time, but it should always stay true to the vision and values.

Our experts keep your company requirements while designing the Vision, Mission, and Values so that it successfully aligns with the business goals.

Organization Structuring

Organizational structure aligns and relates parts of an organization, so it can achieve its maximum performance. The structure chosen affects an organization’s success in carrying out its strategy and objectives.

We at ErgoTalent understand the characteristics, benefits and limitations of various organizational structures to assist in this strategic alignment of your business.

Workforce Planning & Sizing

Workforce planning means employing the right person in the right job at the right moment. Workforce planning thus solves staffing problems for today and for the future. Having people with the right drive and lining up a talent pipeline in the company is essential.

We help you plan your workforce strategically which revolves around ensuring that your business’ workforce has the right size, shape, cost, and agility for the future.

HR Diagnostics

HR should spend time on managing, developing and retaining top talent rather than on process administration. Hence, it is imperative that you are aware of the current state of your HR function.

We help you in diagnosing your HR function from policies to processes to systems, recommending and implementing initiatives to bridge the gap. We also craft your HR strategy based on your organizational vision and goals.

HR Process & Policy Design

Many organizations do not understand the importance of developing their own practices as they see them as nothing more than a way to comply with the law, which they can do without having to go the extra mile. But, HR policies, in reality, are more than just a way to comply with the law and protect organizations from lawsuits; they provide organizations with a framework on how to handle its workforce. They outline a company’s obligations towards its employees and the standards and behavior that the organization needs to maintain, while they also include the paperwork that is required to implement each policy.

We benchmark your processes and policies against the best-in-class. We design policies and processes that are best suited to your organization.

Performance Management & Total Rewards

The key to an MSME/start-up’s success is its employees. In order to concentrate incentives and rewards where they are most deserved, organizations need to utilize performance management plans to standardize the methods by which they measure and scale performance and pay outs across the organization.

We help you Identify the characteristics of top performers, recruit and retain top talent through alternative methods of rewards & recognition, set employee goals based on established standards of your organization, measure those goals over time and successfully communicate results to the employees.

Learning Management

In any MSME or startup, like any organization, it is imperative that employees upgrade their skills and competencies, so that no redundancies set in.

ErgoTalent specializes in identifying and implementing the requisite skilling, upskilling, and reskilling, required in your business. We can also manage the end-to-end learning & development needs of your organization.

Business Process Design

The need for a business process is quite apparent in any organization. A process forms the lifeline for a business and helps it streamline individual activities, making sure that resources are put to optimal use.

Our experienced business leaders are always ready to advice you on how to plan and design sustainable processes for your business.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our industry wide professionals are adept to coach and mentor you and your senior leaders to evolve leadership capabilities. We help you overcome behavioural challenges and barriers to growth as leaders.

HRO – HR Outsourcing

Reviews of business processes have led many organizations to decide that it makes business sense to outsource some or all non-core activities to specialist providers. HR, for many MSME’s and start-ups, plays a critical role in the initial stages, and thus, advisable to engage experts like us to build the right HR systems and processes.

Our experts are ready to step in with customized HR solutions for your business, taking complete accountability for your people function.

Interim HR Leader

Human Resource functions have now moved far beyond their traditional, transactional roles. With the right leadership in place, HR teams are making a major strategic contribution to successful businesses. Interim HR directors can bring a huge influence to bear, especially in times of upheaval or disruption. People issues at times hold back transformation and growth of a firm. The experience of an HR interim leader can smooth the transition for a workforce and introduce the cultural change that employers desire.

Our HR leadership services give you the strategic counsel you need from an HR expert who is able to manage, grow, or replace your existing HR staff. We can help you reach your HR goals without investing in a permanent senior HR resource.

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